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San Diego-based BOARDERS FOR CHRIST is a team of professional skaters and snowboarders led by Chris Lauri who are dedicated to sharing the gospel through their amazing talents and off-the-hook demos and exhibitions. This is a high impact ministry that will take any event -- especially those geared toward youth -- to another level.

The mission statement of the group reads, "BFC exists to be a link using boardsports to connect people with God and to help riders proclaim their faith through riding." Skate culture has never been bigger and one of the best ways to reach youth is with a team that will not only put on an amazing exhibition, but will share their faith and testimonies during the exhibition and -- most importantly -- interact with students one-on-one before and after the demo.

The purpose of BFC is to revolutionize the youth culture through alternative means, with a vision to lead the youth culture into becoming the leaders of tomorrow. BFC's riders make the connection to youth through demos, exhibitions, competitions, and workshops as well as through the riders themselves sharing their faith. Several team riders are sponsored by companies such as Active Ride shop, DC Shoes, Ethos skateboards, and Nike.

BFC is a great way to reach today's youth in a setting that will attract huge crowds and capture their attention. Highly recommended for any event that needs to "go big."