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Fishers Arists Agency General Concert Rider

This general concert rider is intended to cover the basic needs of most of our artists. However, it is important to also consult specific artist concert riders as each contains unique crucial information.

Concert Requirements

Unless otherwise agreed upon by Fishers Artists Agency, the sponsor is required to provide all staging, sound, and lights as well as all the necessary personnel to operate them.

There may be times in which the sponsor will be responsible for providing instruments and amplifiers (this is usually true of dates in which the artist travel includes flights).

A basic setup would look something like this:

  • STAGE - 20' X 30' (typical stage size) complete with a backstage area (a place to eat, prepare and pray, usually called the "green room"), side entrances, and a drum riser (typically 8' X 8').

  • SOUND - 16-24 channel mixing board complete with graphic EQ, effects processor and capable of a minimum of 5 monitor mixes. Enough amps and speakers (including subwoofers) to satisfy room sound needs comfortably (generally no less than 2000 watts of power). Microphones would include a complete set of drum mics, instrument mics for guitar amps (typically 4-5), high quality handheld vocal mikes (typically 3-4) and a handful of direct line boxes for acoustic guitars and some amplifiers.

  • LIGHTS - Lighting is important and often overlooked. Good lighting should include focusable front lighting, usually white (canned lights or a follow-spot) and an array of colored lights illuminating the stage and players. The lights should be controlled by a light board that has various chases and settings so as to follow the tone of the performance. Important--fluorescent lights or normal house lights do not make for effective stage lighting and should be used for house lighting only.

  • POWER - Clean, easily accessible, and reliable electricity is important. There should be enough circuits so that the sound, lights, and instruments are all safely on different circuits. Be sure to locate the circuit breaker in case of a power failure.

Other Requirements

In addition to the preparations for the venue and the stage, there are other things that need to be thought of when inviting an artist to perform at your event. Keep in mind, most performers are on the road for weeks or months at a time and your thoroughness in completing these requirements is much appreciated.

  • TRANSPORTATION - If the artist is flying to your event, make sure that someone is there to pick them up at the airport with a vehicle that is large enough to handle artist and crew, their luggage, and their equipment. For a typical group of five to six people, a 15-passenger van is adequate. The artist will also need a vehicle to get around town for personal needs (going to hotel, running errands, etc.)

  • LODGING - A quality hotel is requested unless other arrangements have been made. Most hotels chains are sufficient. It is important to reserve clean, quiet, non-smoking rooms at a hotel close to the venue and convenient for shopping and dining, if possible. Payment for the rooms should be made in advance and confirmation information should be provided to Fishers before artist arrives.

  • MEALS - If under the terms of the contract you are to provide meals for the artist, please keep nutrition in mind. Traveling and performing require a lot from the body and 'junk' food does not replenish the body with what it needs. Most artists prefer to eat light or not at all before performing and have a full meal afterwards. You have the option of providing a per diem for meals, which is $12 per person per meal ($8 per person if for breakfast). Plenty of room temperature bottled water should be available at all times.

  • CONCERT MANAGEMENT - Upon the artists' arrival until the very last minute of the event there should be a concert manager, someone who knows everything about the event and who is available at all times to show the artist around, answer any questions, and help solve problems.

  • RECORDING/PHOTOGRAPHY - The concert manager needs to be aware that many of our artists are under exclusive recording contracts. No audio or video of the event is permitted without express consent. Please do not permit photographers backstage without prior approval.

  • MERCHANDISE - Please provide two 6' tables and chairs in the concert area's lobby entrance for merchandise. Please also provide two responsible volunteers to operate the selling of product. No concession fees or percentages will be paid to the promoter or venue without prior written consent of Fishers Artists Agency.

  • PRAYER TIME - Finally and most importantly, we ask that you and your staff pray for the event. Pray for the people, the artist, and any specific needs for the event. The artist would like to meet with you and your staff in prayer shortly before the event begins.

We wish you the best in your efforts--please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to prepare for your concert or event. Thank you and God Bless!