Q: What does Fishers Artists Agency do for the artists and speakers it represents?

A: We handle the booking and scheduling of our roster of artists and speakers. Essentially, our goal is to be the mediator that ensures that both the needs of the artist/speaker and the sponsor are satisfactorially met. We act as accountability for our roster of artists, speakers, and ministries; we are deeply concerned with them not just as performers, musicians, and communicators, but as people and as representatives of the gospel. Furthermore, it is our privilege to lift up all of our artists in prayer and cultivate relationships with them in support of their ministries and to encourage their walks with God. Fishers-sponsored Bible studies and fellowship times are designed for our artists and speakers to come together and be refreshed while developing friendships among others on the roster and Fishers personnel.

Q: I would like to be represented by Fishers. How do you review potential additions to your roster?

A: Please email us with links to your website and Myspace. No attachments please; they'll be rejected by the server. Links work great. Be sure to add us as a friend on Myspace so we have access to your pics and profile -- our Myspace address is Also bear in mind a few important things:

First, we receive a very high volume of submissions from prospective artists and speakers each month. There is simply no way we can accomodate even a small fraction of these requests to be added to our roster. We are very careful about making each addition to our roster and we try to maintain a balance in style and ministry focus.

Second, we will eventually have an opportunity to check out each submission that comes our way. Depending on available time, this may be weeks after an email is received.

Third, we regret that we cannot personally respond to each submission we receive due to the constraints of time. We will be sure to contact you if we feel that your ministry may fit with our roster, but you likely will not hear from us if we feel that we cannot be of assistance to you at that particular time. Please be respectful of our guidelines by refraining from phoning or emailing to check up on a submission.

Q: Do you have any standards for prospective artists and speakers? Do I have to be well-known or signed by a record company?

A: Our one requirement is that we only will consider Christian ministry-based artists and speakers for addition to our roster. We do not require that bands be signed, or speakers be world-renowned. Our concerns lie with your personal walk with God, the integrity of your ministry, your talent and ability, and the effectiveness with which your ministry meets the needs of people--and sometimes very specific groups of people.

Q: What do I need to send in an email submission to Fishers?

A: There are a few things we'd like to have:

Music - can we hear full songs on your website and Myspace?

A current bio - is this posted on your site?

References for your ministry - are they available on your site?

List of past and upcoming shows - is your calendar updated on your site?

Contact info - did you include your phone numbers?