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"I have brought Grayson back to our events due to popular demand. His personality and positive attitude is as refreshing as his music. I can truly say he is a joy to work with and a joy to listen to!" -- Riley Armstrong, Artist and Worship Pastor, Bayside Church, Auburn, CA

"Grayson Kessenich is an artist with a contagious love for Jesus. In having had Grayson lead worship in our high school ministry on numerous occasions, it is apparent that his ultimate desire is to see Jesus worshipped. While many artists flirt with becoming self-exalting, Grayson has managed to take his talents and present them in a way that is Christ-exalting." -- Brett Wagner, High School Pastor, Crossroads Church, Grass Valley, CA

Northern California solo artist GRAYSON KESSENICH blends melodic songwriting, personal lyrics, and uniquely intimate arrangements to create music that is fresh, memorable, and full of life.

Upon moving to California from Vancouver Washington at a young age, Grayson began to delve into and fall in love with music and songwriting. This love was cultivated and honed as he began leading worship regularly at several churches throughout high school. Eventually, working with several bands, including Ives, Grayson began to refine his craft and gained much experience recording and touring.

In the fall of 2009, Grayson released his debut full-length CD, From The Treehouse. With Euro-pop influences such as Keane, Sia, Aqualung and KT Tunstall, Grayson's music is uniquely nuanced with poetically honest lyrics, suprising chord changes, and memorable melodies. From the opening, guitar-and-piano-driven "Gates," to the sweet melodies of "Under the Moonlight," Grayson's debut CD is an impressive collection of songs that draw the listener in and reflect his heart for bringing glory to God through music.

Grayson released the full-length Imaginary World in 2011. His latest work, the eight-song Colors, was released in 2014 and features the shimmering and powerful "Everlasting," the shifting time signatures of "Untamable," and the poignant, crystalline "Follow You."