Americana folk, bluegrass, Celtic

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"An exceptional talent and a true servant's heart." -- John Collins, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, Calif.

"Hilary and Kate's concert at our church was outstanding! Everyone who went loved it, and many people told me to try to bring them back." -- Luke Finch, Bitterroot Valley Nazarene, Victor, Mont.

There's something timeless and stirring about the music of HILARY AND KATE. As their two voices, guitar, and violin intertwine, they conjure up echoes of time-honored musical traditions rooted in Americana, bluegrass, folk, and Celtic music while putting a fresh spin on these sounds as only young artists can. Having toured extensively throughout the US, Italy, the UK, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany, Hilary and Kate have honed their songwriting, singing, and playing through dedication and passion combined with a desire to honor God with their talents.

Rich and melodic, Hilary and Kate’s latest offering, 2017’s Forgive Me If I Go, provides an exciting departure from their previous work. With a nod to the greats before them, Hilary and Kate’s work has the cadence and storytelling of Alison Krauss, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Sarah Jarosz while still creating a unique blend all their own. Marrying the influence of celtic and Appalachian with the energy of a live show, If I Go creates a deep, soulful and lively blend of songs.