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"I have had the blessing of watching Hunter Mariano grow from being a young man with a passion for music to become the gifted worship leader/artist that he is now. All along the way his heart to serve the Lord and to use his God-given abilities for His glory has been evident. I highly recommend Hunter and his ministry for any worship service, outreach, or special event." Hanz Ives, Senior Minister of Music, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, Calif.

"Hunter is a uniquely gifted singer/songwriter/musician with a heart for worship that shows clearly through his music. Hunter leads worship with confidence and boldness, recognizing his gifting is from the Lord. And above all, he is a young man of character and integrity with a heart for serving Jesus." Brad Ormonde, Admin. Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, Calif.

After destroying a perfectly good set of drums at the age of two, HUNTER MARIANO's parents purchased his first keyboard, having reached a more mature age of three. Fortunately, the keyboard did not meet the same demise as its percussive predecessor and the relationship between Hunter and this instrument continues wonderfully to this day, with the release of his debut CD entitled All for Thee.

Although Hunter has resided in Riverside, Calif. since 2004, the rich musical influences of his hometown of New Orleans come together to season this collective work as a whole, much like one would expect of the many different ingredients needed to produce a piping hot and delicious kettle of Creole Gumbo from Hunter's native city. From the infectious and funky piano driven groove in "Lost In Love" to the intimate and passionate performance of Hunter's voice accompanied by a lone Wurlitzer keyboard on "The Downpour," All For Thee engages the listener on an exuberant rollercoaster ride that never departs from its one and only predetermined destination, Christ Jesus.

Hunter loves the Lord and his greatest joy is glorifying Him through music and lyrics while leading and inviting others to join him. He has been serving in the worship ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside with Pastor Greg Laurie since 2005 and continues to serve there as a worship leader and keyboardist for various ministries in both Riverside and Orange County. As a pianist/keyboardist/organist, Hunter has had the pleasure of accompanying artists such as Crystal Lewis, Steve Wiggins (formerly of Big Tent Revival), Jadon Lavik, The Daylights, Dennis Agajanian, Marty Goetz, Raymond Gregory, and Hanz Ives and the Harvest Christian Fellowship Worship Team for various live performances.

His most recent CD, Blink Of An Eye, reflects the continued maturity of Hunter's songwriting and a harder edge to his sound which is matched in live concerts by his new band.