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"Sweet breath of God, come fill my soul," JOSEPH HENSCHEL sang on his debut CD, Capture Me. "Lead me into the place where You are / help me to run to You / despite what I'm going through / help me to cling to what You have for me." The song, entitled "Sweet Breath Of God," came midway through his stellar debut disc and presented a change in dynamics from the rest of the album. Gone, momentarily, were the drums and electric guitars; the listener left with only Henschel's heartfelt voice and acoustic guitar in a startling moment of quiet intimacy.

Those lyrics and that intimacy were the centerpiece of his first album and the follow-up, At The Edge Of Imperfection, builds on that honesty and passion. This ambitious, twelve-song concept album about faith, hope, and redemption features outstanding new songs "Born To Love You," "I Will Not Be Silent," and "Bring Me Back" (co-written by Sarah Macintosh).

Henschel was co-founder and former lead singer of the San Diego-based band FAREWELL DOWN, an edgy four-piece group that built its following on the inspired interplay between bittersweet melodies and crunching guitars. Now stepping out on his own, Capture Me takes those huge, daring soundscapes and melds them to his voice in a new and inspired way.

Definitely recommended highly to fans of Evan Wickham, Phil Wickham, Starfield, and other artists who blend intimate, worship-oriented lyricism with otherworldly modern rock.