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For award-winning musical artist Moi Navarro, aka "Moi," growing up, music was never too far from home and a guitar was always within reach since both his parents were singer-songwriters in the early 70s. Moi is an independent artist with ten successful years in the music industry. Based in Riverside, California, over the years Moi has earned a prominent regional, statewide, nationwide and worldwide fan base with music interwoven with influences of funk, rock, soul, folk, and jazz. Moiís ballads are emotional and heartfelt as they tell a story and invoke tremendous feeling, portraying sincere transparency, letting you see into his soul. Music to Moi is best described as a marriage: "Marrying a set of meaningful lyrics with an intense, unique and beautiful melody, is the key to a great song.Ē"

An up-and-coming voice in Indie Rock Music, Moi performs solo and with his full band, also known as "MOI." Bandmates include Timothy Seaton on Guitar, Matt Quillen on Bass, and Nathan Ryan on Drums. The four of them have been together so long they are the definition of family, and collectively they bring a tightness to the band that must be seen to believe. MOI has had an amazing edge at being successful as an independent artist.

Moi was honored in September 2010 at the Malibu Music Awards with a Grand Prize in their songwriting contest. He performed live and accepted his award for his song "I'm Sorry."

Other accomplishments include: working with Disney English, a chain of interactive language schools abroad; playing Gridlock NYE 2010 at Paramount Studios to over 1.2 million live-streaming viewers; entertaining at the Academy Awards Gifting Suite; playing at Dodger Stadium, The Knitting Factory, The Viper Room, Spirit West Coast, The Cat Club, and The Roxy; being a part of BCBG's "BCBGeneration" clothing line campaign; and recording his latest CD with Grammy Award-winning producer Ric Wake.