hot swing, cowboy jazz, and old-time Gospel

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"The Rounders have been a blessing to our congregation. Their style is ageless and ministers to people of all ages. I highly recommend them." -- Chuck Smith, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

"The Rounders bring a unique blend of authentic Christian witness and stylistic creativity that entertains as well as lifts up the truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ for a powerful night of ministry." -- Gary Casucci, Worship Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Huntington Beach, CA

"The Rounders are one of the most fun bands I've ever seen. The way they bring you back to that era is a great escape... it's so different from anything else you'll experience. The humility that shines forth from Ernie and Michele Bondy is such a blessing to see and it reflects the Lord. We'd have them back anytime." -- Justin Beck, Asst. Pastor, Calvary Chapel LAX, Westchester, CA

Orange County, Calif. husband-and-wife duo THE ROUNDERS is as unique a band and ministry as one will find in Christian music; their musical style ranges from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s Hot Swing, Cowboy Jazz and Old Time Gospel -- and they always look the part, to boot.

Since 1998, Ernie and Michele have been touring their one-of-a-kind ministry across the US and have built a grass-roots following among fans of their retro sound. Their live set blends original songs, traditional numbers and folk songs with worship songs and hymns and the result is a rich fabric of musical history presented in a fun format that brings together people of all ages like few other ministries are able.

Ernie plays guitar, steel guitar, ukulele and snare while Michele plays the bull fiddle, clarinet, piano and ukulele. Though they don't play all these instruments live they manage to create a big sound with just their two main instruments: Ernie's hollow-body jazz guitar and Michele's upright bass. The Bondys also have an incredible testimony to share and often take the time to present it along with stories about their songs, travels, and ministry together.

Don't miss a chance to check out the unique music and ministry of The Rounders -- they prove that a sound from decades ago is still alive and well and as fresh and fun as it was back then.