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Southern California Christian pop/alternative/EDM artist TIFFANY SINKO grew up singing her whole life, both in church worship from age nine to all types of venues inside and outside of the church. After producing a five-song EP at age 15, Tiffany started alternative rock band Of Eyes That See.

All members of Tiffany’s band grew up playing and singing in their respective church’s worship bands and each feels called for life to create and play music for people of all backgrounds. Tiffany writes songs about everyday real life infused with an element of hope that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Tiffany writes all her own lyrics and melodies and is recorded by producer and recording artist Joel Piper. Their material has been mastered by Joel Bruyere of Thousand Foot Krutch, Nathan Dantzler of The Hit Lab and Dave Collins who is the former Chief Mastering Engineer of A&M Studios, featured in Billboard Magazine, Mix Magazine, Music Connection, Surround Professional & EQ Magazine.

Tiffany released her debut rock EP, Empty Shadows in January 2013. She then released her full length debut alternative album, Of Eyes That See in November 2014. Influential bands include: Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, and Evanescence.

Now at age 19, Tiffany, with her band still supporting her, is a solo Christian artist and is producing a more pop-alternative-EDM sound. Tiffany keeps a busy touring schedule including a February 2016 run of dates with Christian radio success Manic Drive. Her latest EP, Anchored, was released in 2016.